Fatal Accident Area

This is a tragic event that took place along the roads of Tanah Merah ferry terminal a year ago. Our country went into mourning for the lost of 2 lives that is lost on that stretch of road. A senior officer and a young rookie officer were killed when their petrol car was hit off track by an industrial vehicle. This tale that you are going to read is in a way related to the accident that happened along the stretch of road.

This stretch of road lead deep into a Navel Base, during night time people try out their bikes or cars along this road. People come for thrill seeking; exploration of that area or fishing. I?m a SAF personal working in that area, the second night of the accident camp mates of mine book in camp late in the night for duties in my unit passing through the stretch of road. Bringing back food for guys in the night duty, they pass through the area of the accident site, noticing fellow police officers paying respect to their colleague.

I was on my duty guarding the area that night, camp mate of mine share a strange encounter with me. Saying that dogs around the area, is howling like mad creating a tenses atmosphere around. We had our night snack after that we went into our tent and rest till the next duty comes. Colleague of mine was waked up by footsteps around our tents; his rifle was drag across the floor out of a sudden. It was pitching dark in the tent as it was a cloudy that night, he wake me up and ask me if I heard the footsteps. I was sleeping all the while never did I heard the footsteps or dragging of the rifle.

We went back to sleep after checking out the area after 30 min or so a dog wander into our tent. It howls along our tent sending out shivers down our spine. We throw food and stuff at the dog chasing it away, all the time lying in our bed in the tent. It happened for 3 of 4 times We realize it?s not food that the dog wants it warning us with its howls. As soon as the 2 of us went out of the tents the dog stop howling and went away wagging its tail. Both of us were puzzle by the scene that was created by the dog, I shift out my bed and slept outside the tent, as being on alert of trespasser. I fell asleep fast as training was tired, out of a sudden I felt someone sitting on my stomach and holding it hands on my neck. I was paralyze I can’t open my eyes nor can I move my body, it went on for more than 5 min, causing fear deep into my heart I was helpless I tried to shout for my colleague but in vain nothing came out. I felt like a vegetable for the first time of my life, I tried hard screaming and gasping for air.

That thing was playing with my hair twirling it with its fingers; no matter how strong I am now I?m laying here challenge by it. Finally voice came out of my mouth faintly, my colleague rush out of the tents. As soon as I heard his footsteps I felt that thing release its grip and its pressure came off my body too. My colleague was being fool by the things around the same time I was being gag down by that unseen thing. We radio our guys telling them to rush over quick not telling them the reason as they might think it?s a prank. My colleague shivering like a child in the tent, he felt people running around the tents wearing heavy boots but cants be seen. The praying that was help must have attract the sprite around, as we were the only one awakes it came to us.

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