In The Camp

There have been lots of stories about ghosts in army camps here. I was quite skeptical about paranormal activities until I came across with a spiritual encounter during my one and a half month training in Nee Soon Camp.

All of us in the platoon are from different units, we are bundled together for training in Nee Soon Camp. Weeks after we well got acquainted with each other, a few of us in the same platoon telling ghost stories to each other . Later, we began experimenting with chinese version of ouija board (a yellow coloured mat with chinese characters written on it) when one of the guys tried to lead us in do something to kill off the boredom at night after all the training during the day.

Nothing happened after few tries. On one fateful night, we were all in our bed after lights off, one of the guys who slept near the window woke up abruptly breaking in cold sweat. He told us he was being press down by an invisible being on top of him. He can`t called out to the rest of us in the bunk for help as he was unable to speak during that few minutes of


Most of us have doubts about is story because he was the joker in the bunk, w thought he was up to some pranks then. However, subsequently for the next few nights everyone in the bunk had the same experience. When it was my turn, one of my bunkmates saw a shadowy figure in the shape of a woman standing at a corner in the room. Later, our platoon sargeant told us that our platoon commander had saw it before and being a believer, he brought offerings to pray at the corridor where he saw the female ghost during one of his inspection at night.

Later I was being told by one of the cooks in the camp that the hauntings had been there before he was enlisted. The 12 of us in the same bunk went through with the training and the hauntings for one and a half month, when we were posted back to our units again, we told the story to our respective campmates.

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