Time Tunnel In PIE

What I’m going to relate to you is an incident to happened to a good friend of mine. I remembered he broke the news to me in cold sweat, the year was 1994.

Then my friend was staying in West Coast and on this particular night they need to need to travel to Changi Airport to see a relative off. They had 2 choices, either to take the ECP or PIE, the reason on this occasion they took the PIE is because the ECP through west would be very heavy from the rush hour.

They were travelling in a family of 5 with him, his wife, 2 children and his mother. While travelling on this particular stretch of road near the Fengshan Primary School in Bedok which had a flyover to a perpendicular road link Bedok and Tampines, suddenly he realised there were no cars on the road and everything else had became blurred. He was not on any drugs or alcohol so he knew the effect was not the work of his mind. He then asked his family members and realised everyone in the car had saw the same thing. Before they knew, their surrounding suddenly changed to a familiar location and they were placed on this road leading towards Changi Airport already. It was believed they entered a time tunnel and had been transported into another time, another place. Or maybe the thing what researchers called the worm hole. The incident was published on the newspaper called Weekend East in 1994. For readers who are interested, my friend still keeps a copy of that article somewhere in his house.

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