Changi Old Lady

This happened four years ago…..when me and few of my friends decided to go fishing at the same time staying overnight at Changi Beach. It was about 7.00pm when me and one of my girlfriend reached there first to built the tent. As we were preparing, the other groups of friends came with all the foods and fishing stuffs. By that time it was already 9.30pm.

Everyone was so excited that each of us already had our own plans for that night since we have decided to stayed overnight. Some had plan to go fishing, some decided to go cycling all the way to the jetty and the rest decided to play some cards.

Three of my friends had already started preparing their fishing rods and were on thier way to the beach. As our tents were built directly facing the beach we could see that they were excited and hoping that they could get some fish for that day.

Two of them had brought their bicycle and were excited to go to the park to check out some ‘aqua’ (bapok). After everyone left, the only person left in the tent was me and my girlfriend. We decided to play cards. We noticed that it was a little dark so we decided to play outside the tent where there was a chair for us to sit. We enjoyed our game and were laughing all the way as we forfeited whoever lost the game. We were telling ourselves that how nice if we were like that always. Happy and enjoying ourself with friends outside without parents nagging all day. Until something happened.

As we were busy playing the cards, suddenly, came was a skinny old lady wearing a baju kurung asking for the time. By that time only than we noticed it was 12.00 midnight. After we told the old lady its 12.00 midnight, she replied “Oh no wonder all the lights are off”. We were a bit blur when she said that. After that, she thanked us and walk to the beach direction.

We looked at each other and asked ourself why must an old lady asked for the time at midnight alone? Is she lost? And the best thing is she’s not afraid at all walking in the dark. We looked out for the lady but within seconds she was no longer there. We asked our friends who were fishing whether they saw the old lady and the answer was NO.

We were so scared after that all of us sit in the tent till morning….

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