Home Alone

This incident happen to me when i was in secondary school. I was all alone at home..waiting for my parents to come back from my aunty’s house…Well as a teenager..i’m always hooked to the telephone every nite. That particular nite..as usual..i was calling my bestfriend…gossiping…talking..giggling..all the way..without knowing that it was already 11.00 pm.

My mom has this habit of placing the makeup table (one with the mirror hanging on the wall)accompanied with the phone on it. So whenever we wanna use the phone, we will have to face the mirror. So to make it short..that nite..as i was so busy chitchatting with my bestfriend…i saw a reflection of something dashing on the mirror..which means that when i was looking in the mirror, something (a sudden dash of lightning) just dash in a split of second behind my back. I was shocked..and went silent..while my friend on the other line..keep on talking and yelling..asking me why i went all quiet all of a sudden.

After that..i decided to put down the phone..feeling scared, i call up my parents pleading them to get home as soon as possible..crying..I was so afraid wondering what was that thing..Was it my imagination…or an illusion..??

I told my parents about that..but to my surprise..they knew about it long ago..but they worried if they were about to tell me..i would get scared…Even my mother herself experience it..when she was bathing..she heard some giggling behind her..According to her…it was a giggle of a small little child..She was wondering..who was that..cos..that time, none of us was at home..except for her..Eerie isn’t it!

PS: I think that little thing must have seen my mom naked..thats why it laugh till my mom can hear it…hehehehe

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