A Dream

All of us dream every night and i had this particular dream about 2 years ago. I know it may sound totally silly, but after watching a certain scientific documentary show on tv…. it makes me wonder…. That show is about any kind of dreams we dreamt and was dream a “pathway” to another world/dimension/future?

This is what my dream is about:

I was on tour(i don’t know where, the place look Adelaide but bear in mind i’ve never step my foot in Australia or any country except Johor.), I was in a long boat with the rest of the tourists. All of sudden, there’s a storm and i was thrown aboard. I was drifted away by the strong currents.

When i woke up, i found myself lying on the shore without my backpack….. I was totally lost! In front of the shore is like a forest with menacing trees. Having no choice, i walked on with the hope of finding any kind souls with a shelter.

Later on, i stumble upon a cabin and i walked towards it. Upon reaching the door, i fainted due to tiredness and hunger. The next thing i know, i found myself on a cosy bed with the fireplace a few metres away infront of me (i could feel the warmth).

When i turn to my right, i found a tall guy around my age, dark shoulder-length hair with dark eyes….. smiling at me. I forced a smile cos there’s “something” bout him that makes me feel scared….. He treats me as his guest and i stayed there for a few days as i was still weak. All the while, i never spoke a single word to him, not even “thank you for saving me” nor him. But whenever i looked at him, he’s always there smiling at me.

But i do know one thing, he’s always in during the day but went out when it’s dark hunting down animals……. He’s a Vampire. In fact, a weird vampire who’s always smiling at me but didn’t hurt me!

One night, as we were sitting by the fireplace and by this time, we started to talk but i can’t remember what we talked about. Suddenly, there’s a loud, angry commotion coming towards our cabin (like those vampire movies where the people gather outside a vampire hideout, wanting to slaughter the vampire). Both of us stood up and his face was worried & serious for the first time. Deep down in me, i had a very bad feeling.

He turned to look at me and said “Go now! It’s me that they want, not you.”

The next weird thing i know, i said out these words “No! I love you and i don’t want to lose you…” by this time, i was already crying.

What he said to me next was the one that had kept me puzzled till today “I love you too and i don’t want you to get hurt. BUT THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU BELONG, YOU BELONG TO ANOTHER WORLD. YOU HAVE TO GO NOW!” That is when he kissed me and i found myself on my own bed.

I thought it was just a silly dream but i felt something wet on my cheeks. It was my tears….. Till today, i never met him in my dreams anymore. I longed to meet him again…..

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