My Bladder

There was a Park in Pasir Ris. The one that has a lot of swamp and mangrove. There was a 3 story tower in that Park, and there was a story about that tower.

Some years back, 2 brother went to the tower and it was reported in the newspaper, one of the brother fell from the top level of the tower and was rumoured to be pulled down by a ghost. That was what he told his brother when he hurried down to where he fell. So because of that incident, that tower was rumoured to be haunted.

Anyway, something I experienced myself I want to share with you here. I was there with a friend for some stroll and it was about 11pm++. Feeling damn high tide, I found somewhere around the mangrove in the bushes and just relieve myself. I wasn?t very particular about all this, because in the army during field trainings, we always do this. So no worries and nothing hit my mind about something will happen to me. So after that, I went back home and sleep.

The next day I woke up, I realize i have trouble urinating. I just can?t seems to control my bladder fully. Anyway..i thought nothing about it as it may be due to infection or something. What happened in the later part of the day and the next few days left me in suffer. At nite time, my urine contain some bloods and it will come with some blood clog after that. And it hurts like hell. It feels like taking a penknife and cut my penis.

The next 4 days, I must have urined more than 100 times. As I can?t seems to control my bladder very well, so once I had a bit of urine..i need to pass it out and imagine feeling that kind of pain every time. It hurts like nothing else in this world can match ? trust me.

I went to the doctor and he say it was infection and ask me to take the medication and it will stop immediately upon taking the medication. I finished up all the medication and it still hurts. So I told my mum about it and she talk to some of my uncle and he ask her to buy some joss sticks and some hell notes to offer to those things for apology for disturbing them in their territory. After that, I recover immediately the next day.

So after that incident, I talk to my officers in my camp and told them what happened, they told me in the army, while I was in uniform, I am safe because everything is blessed in the army. However when I’m outside as a civilian, I am on my own. And nothing to protect me.

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