This scary story happened some years ago.

My relative had just finished making his last routine trip to Punggol end and was on his way heading back to the bus depot and call it a day. As a usual practise, most of the bus drivers will switch off lights before heading back to the depot to tell the public that the bus is off for service for the day. As he was driving to somewhere middle on the one lane, Bi-directional road, he accidentally took a look at the rear mirror. What got him startled was when he saw two black shadowy figures occupying the long seat right at the end of the bus. He was sure that he saw two figures clearly as the contrast of the shadows were caused by the lights of the street lamps and not forgetting also that the wall for the last long seat are usually transparent glass.

He tried to calm down and said some prayers for protection. After that, he immediately switched on all lights on the bus. This time, when he unwillingly stole a glance at the rear mirror again. He saw nothing but the emptied seats.

From then on, he had made it a point to let the lights remain on until he reaches the exit of Punggol Road.

Other encounters he had also sounded pretty much similar to those from Ismail. For example, being a noivce bus driver to that long eerie road, he would sometimes saw either a woman dressed in white or sometimes a group of three to four flagging for his bus (It is always the same spot). But when he pulled over at the bus stop and opened the door. He usually expect no one to board the bus. Eerie encountered indeed.

As he is becoming a more experience driver, he no longer fear as he had seen it a few times. And each time he accidentally pulled over again; when the door is opened and no one board the bus, he will just say it softly and politely to those “unseen passengers” not to disturb and close the door and move off.

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