Cat Is Not Dumb

A friend of mine had a cat which never give out a sound since he got the cat. He had that cat for almost 9 years. Both of them were very close that everynight, they both slept side by side on his bed. But, actually the mother disagreed of him sleeping with the cat as he used to has an asthma. But he disobeyed her anyway coz he was the only child and lonesome, so he slept with it all night. Then one day, we meet up by accident. So we had a chat as its been a long time since we met. He then told us one interesting thing that happend to him and his cat.

There was one time, he kept suffering from an asthma attack, that he was brought to the hospital and was hospitalized. The cat was left alone at home. After sometimes, he was checked out. He was very weak at that moment that as he stepped into his home, he totally forgot all about his cat. Straight away, he was laying on his bed and went to sleep. He was dead sleep until he was aroused by his cat that jumped to his side. But he went back to sleep cause he was so tired. Afraid of his condition getting worse back, the mother took the cat away and put on the floor. However the cat was a bit stubborn that he jumped back to his side. So the mother took the cat away and left it outside the house. The cat was locked outside the whole night.

On that very night, my friend remembered that he had an asthma attacked again. He felt his breathing was so heavy and it was the worst of all. His heavy breathing was heard by his grandmother who happened to stay at his house to look after him while his mother goes to work in the next morning. But what happned that night, how he managed to breathe as normal was unknown.

Till the next morning, he woke up looking healthy as usual. He said nothing till he saw his grandmother carrying his cat, rubbing it like as if that was hers. He asked her, that he never seen her holding the cat like that before. The grandmother replied, saying that yesterday night, while he was having asthma attack, as she was about to call his mother, suddenly she heard a scratching sound on the door. And most strange of all it was followed by someone was calling his name continuously, it sound just like a cat( u people know how cat sound like ). By then, he was slowly calmed down from that heavy breathing until the cat stopped calling his name. But the sad thing was that, the cat died so sudden 3 days after the incident.

I believed what he told us because for 9 years, while the cat was with him, he had never heard a sound from it and suddenly the grandmother heard from the cat. On that, while as he was telling the story, he nearly cried. Of course the cat saved his life.

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