Haunted House

This story was told by one of my close friends. He told me that he knew a friend called John who had a third eye(Meaning:can see supernatural thing) and one night they decided to go to a famous haunted house somewhere at Holland Road to explore. There were five of them together.

When they arrived, the gate was opened widely and it looks like the house was welcoming them. Five of them entered the house without any sweat. The house was huge, three storey tall and plus a swimming pool. While they were walking the stair to the second level, suddenly, John shouted and he said walk as close to the left side as possible. We were shocked and do not know why we have to do that. However, we follow John’s instruction. When we were at the second level, they look down at the swimming pool and they saw that there is still water in the pool and it seems like someone is taking care of this vacant house. At this point of time, John scream and shout at us to run out of this evil house before it is too late. Without any hesitation, we followed closely behind John to the ground floor and to the gate. What a relief!! We then get into the vehicle and then drove far away from the house.

Finally, when we settle down at the 24 hrs coffee shop, John start to tell us what he saw……He saw a boy playing a ball at the stair to the second level at the right side of the stair and that explain why they need to move to the left. Lastly, John said that when they were at the second level, he saw a Chinese Family gathering at the swimming pool having a barbarcue and when they were talking, the whole family look up and stare at them. John could hear that they need one of us to service them and that why John asked them to run and when they were at the gate, John saw a ghostly man chasing behind them and nearly grabbed the collar of the last person who managed to go out on time.

However, they did went back to the same spot in the morning as some of them still do not believe what John had said. To their surprise, the gate was locked with several chain around and the most scary part was there is not a single drop of water in the pool!!!!

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