Scary Incident

It was a fews years back when i was working in to a Work Release Camp Centre and it was located somewhere at Selarang Park Rd.

I was working the late night shift from 2300hrs to 0700hrs. As normal nights the Action Force commandos will perform their rounds every few hourly to check up on our situation. We will also have to countersign each other signbooks upon each visit. Well not this night because it’s kinda extraordinary night! A thursday! The story goes……….

It was at about 0330hrs when the doorbell of the maingate started ringing. I proceeded to the gate to open and exchange signbooks when i realised there was no one there!! I back tracked and sat in the control room and observed through the glass window who the hell is playing pranks with me. The doorbell rang again!! To my horror the was nobody there!! No vehicles, no one whatsoever!! I went straight to the gate again opened it up, tested on the doorbell and it really works!! Checked the nearby vicinity, ziltch!!! No one available. I closed the gate and moved a few steps away. Goodness, gracious the doorbell rang!! As the maingate is made out of mesh wire i could actually see through whoever is on the other side, but there is absolutely nobody!!

I quickened my steps and proceeded straight to the control room again. Stayed as absolutely still as a mouse there whilst the doorbell rings and rings. After much ingoring to the matter the ringing stopped, i saw a white figure moved into the bushes infront of the maingate. A few minutes later, the fencing of the centre was shook!!! And it moved right in, into the back hall of the mess hall. I believed this must be a prank on me! so i gave chase behind and when i reached there, i called out who’s there?! No one answered! As the mess hall fencing is a normal fence i could see through the early morning with the full moonlight showing the jungled vicinity.

A female voice giggled slowly and it seems so mischieviously from the “kuini” tree. I walked to the direction and could see from 20 metres a young lady sitting on one of it’s lower branch, swinging it’s lower legs. She is absolutely very beautiful and resembled a young japanese girl. She looked at me direct in the eyes and seems amused. I blinked my eyes and the next sight i couldn’t see the beauty any longer, she transformed into a burnt black face, no eyes, no nose, no mouth and hairs so messy with small curls that reached to her lower legs. The laughter grew louder and i shouted out of fear in return!! I ran to the control room as fast as i might and woke my colleague up and told him the whole story. He just did not believe me and investigated together at the back. There was no one there but there was a foul stench!!! The lights started to twinkle and the toilets flushing system started flushing also!!! All hell broke loose we ran straight back to the control room and switched on all the lights up and even the back in the mess hall.

The residents even woke due to the bright lights and everything came back to normal. We stayed awake till daybreak and after that incident i asked to be transferred to another institution

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