Nee Soon Camp

ell, this was the hardest moment of all singaporean male in life that we have to serve NS. My story start like this.

6 year ago during my last night of PTP (physical training phase), everyone disrupt from ptp so my barrack left only 2 person. So we both start preparing thing for tomorrow BMT(basic military training). After packing about 2345hr or something like that, my bunk mate feel sleeply at that time, so we go to sleep and leaving the radio on. We place the radio right on top of the door (note that there is 2 door in the barrack) One to the balcony the other to the corridor. So my bunk mate was sleeping in bed 1 near the corridor i’m sleeping in bed4. It was about 1am when my bunk mate was awake and he ask me to shut off the stupid radio.

It was raining heavily. The wind blow strongly. I get up to get a chair to climb on top to shut off the radio. It was that moment went i was on the chair, i saw something. It move past me in the balcony and i was scare and i just dare not move. When it move to the corner (note that we are in the first barrack in the 2 floor) i gather my gut and walk back to my bed and cover myself with my own blanket. I peep on the balcony to see if the thing was gone. But when i lift up my blanket, that thing move past my bed. Oh my god!!

That thing looks like a bird with big wing and a human body! It move to my friend bed and i dare not shout at my friend. I cover myself again. When i peep at my friend, that thing was gone the next moment. I realize that thing was right beside my bed. I’m real nut scare and it slowly move out of the barrack and i realize that my mattress was wet!!

The next day, i tell my Sgt. about this my Sgt. ask me not to tell anyone.

Finally, good luck to those guy in platoon 15 Delta company. May lord be with you.

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