SISPEC Story (Ex

This happened 2 yrs ago when Sispec has not moved to Tekong yet. I was still a “new bird” as i just passed out as sgt not long ago. All people who went through Sispec should heard of this exercise called “Grand-Slam”. This happened during my very first time to bring my trainees out for “Grand-Slam” as instructor.

As the instructors have a “non-tact” area for us to rest & to take care of those trainees who are sick, this “non-tact” area is usually better equipped with tentage. During the first evening of the exercise, it rained heavily & few of my men were having fever by mid-nite. So I took them out from their “harbor” to our non-tact area for the nite to monitor their condition. At 3am, it was my turn to wake up to check on my platoon. Everything went on fine during my round, but when i came back & decided to have a cup of coffee as it’s still early to wake up the other instructor, something happened.

I was inside the tentage & the group of “sick chickens” were sleeping besides the tentage, abt 5-10m away. I saw a malay old man with white hair & dressing in black was approaching my “sick chickens”. He seemed to know I noticed him. He then waved at me & then with one of his finger covering his mouth, signalling to me to keep quiet!!!! I was scared to death. My first reaction was to look down. But when i looked up again after few seconds, the old man was gone!!!……I kept this to myself for 2 yrs until now, so beware all Sispec warriors, as u guys are always out in the island at nite.

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