Selarang Camp

My army story was with 6SIR at Selarang camp. Went in early for weekend duty on a particularly dark, gloomy weather morning. All of my bunkmates have already ORDed except 1 regular guy so the bunk was empty at that time. The layout of my bunk was such that directly opposite my bunk is my RSM’s bunk. So its very much dimmer then other bunks since any sunlight can only pass through the bunk from one side while being blocked on the other side by RSM’s bunk. The dark weather made it worse. It was not my shift to take over yet so hopped onto bed to take a nap.

Slept for awhile and got woken up by very loud banging noises. I thought my bunkmate (that regular guy) were back too so woke up to see. Totally frozen solid by what greeted me. As i sat on my bed, i could see the empty metal cupboards door being flung open and then slam shut again with a loud bang. And this phenomenon went on from one cupboard to another… one by one right infront of my eyes. Managed to shake the shock and fear off me, jumped down from my 2nd level bed and ran out of the bunk. I only returned much later to retrieve my No.4 and boots to change for my duty after that.

Thats where i now truely believe…

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