Possess In Tekong

My company medic got possessed once. We were having a whole day ATP training at 300m range and some came back to help collect dinner, around 6:45PM.

My medic tagged along to take a shower to refresh himself. As always, the tonner would dropped them off at the canteen before proceeding to the cookhouse.

Coincidentally, only my medic got down this time while the rest proceeded to the cookhouse. After collecting dinner, they went to look for him and found him walking aimlessly at the SOC ground. He was not responding to their calls so they grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

His eyes were red and he spoke to them menacingly in a low woman’s voice, which neither of them could make out (in Malay). Luckily, one of them had enough cow sense to fetch the senior medic for help.

I heard the exorcist lasted for 30 minutes.

After a few days, when my medic regained his courage, he told us what had happened. He was taking the stairs, passing the canteen and the armourer when he saw someone squatting behind the medical center. As you know the areas was quite dark after sunset.

He called to it, thinking it was a recruit given sick bay but sneaked out to smoke. When it straighten up its body, the last thing he remembered was seeing a headless figure. After that, I made it a point to always look behind the medical center if passing that way.

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