Truth In Army Camps

I’m gifted with 6th sense. what i’m gonna write here is purely facts of what i SAW.

Pulau Tekong:

1. I saw a granny and a little girl at cougar company 3rd and 4th level.

2. A warp dummy near the sphinx hill (old sispec).

3. A soldier in (PTI) running around apache area the face is pale white.

4. Toilet near the window at dragon coy 4th floor a floating head near ventilation.

5. SOC ground sch 1 got little girl.

6. old malay village “unexplainable figures in the dark like eyes staring” on route march near the end of tekong. (Don’t wander around.)

7. A Soldier in full battle order wearing old army uniform near the big tree in the forest while on route march.

8. Some weird soldier near old bmtc area eyes gouge out in brown.

9. Lady in white at cook house.

10. alot more….

Ayer rajah camp

1. Soldier in coverall half of the head gone. (while doing guard duty near maintenance base)

2. machinery noise near maintenance base. Usually to be silent around 12 am.

3. Faceless soldier near water tank.

4. MES 5th floor bunk beside the stair white lady moving around.

5. MES bunk 20-25 usually used by ocs cadets one is hunted. The bunk that locker switches every 3am night and 10am. i saw a soldier in uniform pure green.

6. guard sentry post flying mummy in bandages.

7. Toilet in the maintenance base. Hanging soldier tongue out in pale white. the toilet with flickering light near the ventilation fan.

8. I got see burnt human ghost like ashes with red eyes at bunk 21 window.

Selarang Camp

1. Guard sentry post got a hanging soldier and a flying mummy behind the post.

2. RP Toilet cubicle got ghost soldier with punctured head like being pierced.

3. Some soldier ghost moving around 9 div HQ. usually can see the black bird flying on top.

Thats all….

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