COS Weekend Duty

On one particular weekend, i was the COS(Company Orderly Sergeant). There are usually, no people around in my building at Khatib Camp on the weekends except for the people who must serve their confinement.

On that particular day, i went up to my bunk to cook some maggi mee and relax a bit. But as i was nearing my bunk, i heard a LOUD music on the radio coming from one of my friend’s bunk. I then began to look thru the glass panel on the door and sees no one inside. What is more strange is that the door is locked from outside and i’m sure that no one is around that day. It REALLY gives me the creep. But then, i tried to think something logical to this phenomena. What i came out with is that maybe my friend that stays in the bunk might program the radio to be turn “On” on certain time of the day. So, i just continue to do my own business and think nothing of it.

When, the weekday comes(Monday), i ask my friend that stays in the bunk about the loud music coming from his bunk. I also ask him if he programmed the radio to be turn “On” automatically. But to my surprise, he said “NO”.

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