Night Field Training

Back in the early 90s I was still a recruit and had heard most of ghost sightings and happenings in a camp. Be it in a bunk toilet etc. But this story that I was about to share sends shivers thru my spines until now..I dunno about you but it made me feel like not wanting to go for my night training after hearing this. It was a normal recruit nite training day.

Every body was coupled in a buddy buddy system as they are trained to be cooperative towards their buddies always. Ahmad and Ramu (Not their real name as I only know that they were Malay and Indian lads)was given a route map for their nite field training. In that map it is clearly states that whenever someone had lost their way, the only sign that they would come across, is a cemetary. And they were briefed before the training. Both of them together with the rest of the platoon went to the woods without even thinking about ghost cos they were already tired to even think abt it. Finally they had reached somewhere deep in the woods and they didnt realised that they had actually lost their way. Ramu feels that he needs to ease himself and told Ahmad not to wander far from their location. Having agreed, Ahmad just walk a few distance not far from where Ramu had released himself. With only torch light and the moon as the only light source, Ahmad decides that it is time to look for Ramu. Instead of Ramu he end up meeting with another recruit which was lost too.

He introduced himself as Ah Kok(Not his real name again)and they chat and told Ahmad that he had lost his way and needed to get back to his platoon as he doesnt want to get into trouble. So Ahmad starts walking with Ah Kok to look for his way out. But before reaching their destination Ah Kok suddenly gets on his knees and cried in front of a tall Angsana (maybe)tree. Ahmad panic and quickly comfort his new found buddy that there is nothing to worry about as tomorrow they get to book out. Ah Kok then replied to Ahmad that he actually not sad about not booking out but its actually the site where the angsana tree is. The tree is actually where Ah Kok ends his life previously by hanging himself on one of the branch of the angsana tree. The poor Ahmad collapse and woke up in his medical centre the next day….

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