Curse Of A Bridge

This story comes from a guy I met during my Kayaking One-Star Course. It’s about a bridge near NTU.

Just a little background into the story first. This story supposedly happened to that guy’s friends’ friend, as usual, on a bridge linking Jurong West ST 91 and Nanyang Garden in NTU. This bridge span across the PIE leading towards Tuas, providing students safe access to the neighborhood. The bridge can be found at the end of a canal next to Xingnan Primary School.

There is a rumor going around campus of a curse placed on the bridge. It is said that if you cross the bridge at 3.33am on a Wednesday morning, your soul will be sucked out of your body and placed on the bridge, forever trying to cross to the other side.

The guy’s friends’ friend, Guy A, was a outstanding person. He got looks, money, a government scholarship, a pretty girlfriend, kind of like living the Sinkie Dream. However, like every “outstanding” person, think WonderGirl, they always have an urge to show people how awesome they are, as though everyone don’t already know.

Long story short, Guy A heard the rumor, want to wayang, tio dared by his “friends” to do it. Brought the girlfriend as a witness of his “courage”. They started from the Canal side, with the girlfriend standing at the bottom as she was afraid. He was supposed to call her upon reaching Nanyang Garden. He went up alone, waved to his girlfriend at the top of the bridge, started walking across, and was never seen again.

The girlfriend called for backup, a large group came to search, but to no avail. Police was called and did an investigation, couldn’t find any evidence of clue on where did Guy A go. Family made a missing persons report and till this very day he is still not seen.

It was also claimed that if you’re at the bottom of the bridge at 3.33am on a Wednesday morning, with a full moon up in the sky, you may be able to see Guy A standing on the top of the bridge, silhouetted by the sinister-looking swollen yellow moon, waving towards you and urging you to follow him…

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