Cute Baby

This story is pretty disturbing.. especially when you love children.

Once in a secondary girl school, one school prefect went patrolling round the school, in between, checking out the toilet on each floor, making sure there aren’t any girls hiding in the toilet or loitering round the school compound during assembly.

This prefect walking pass the staircase leading the fourth floor, just beside the the third floor toilet. She heard a giggle which eventually turn in to a sinister laughter coming from the fourth floor toilet. Feeling uneasy yet suspicious, she decided to carry on her duty and check out the fouth floor toilet. She entered the most secluded toilet in the school compound and just in the time to realised that this toilet had be locked all the while! How can it be unlocked?!

But still, she check out the each cubicle. When it’s comes to check the last cubicle, she heard a soft baby cry and then, a giggle. She push open the last cubicle door and to her shock, she saw a young girl about 15 years old, in her schools blood stained uniform, holding a baby by its umbilical cord! The floor was stain with blood and blood soaked tissue paper!

And in conjunction to this story, the school has a case of death in its history. In the 1960s, when the society is stil very conservative about premarital sex, one girl got pregnant when she slept with her boyfriend out of over-trust and naive. When she knew about her prenancy, she went to her boyfriend happily to announce it but was push away as the boy did not acknowledge as his and insulted the girl as a whore. Feeling hurt and isolated, she kept to herself, and was afraid to let her parents know as she know they would either kill her or disown her. She did not have the guts or money to go for abortion either. WHAT CAN SHE DO?!….

One day, in the 3rd month of her prenancy, she felt a slight pain in her stomach and decided to relieve herself in the toilet. Thinking that she had just eaten something wrong, she didn’t care much. But then, her pain in her abdominal increase, she knew that theres something wrong.

She push and pushed, and finally gave birth to a foetus, blue in the face. It was struggling to breathing, but……….. since it was only three months old and had its umbilical cords entwined around its neck, it did not survived.

The girl was frightened. She did not know what to do. She just stayed in the cubicle, rocking her baby and hugging it as if it was still alive, crying and still bleeding under there. She eventually fainted and died loss of blood….

When the people came to collect the body, the school decided to keep the foetus as they feel it might be a good specimen in the biology lab. They cleaned the baby and put it in preservatives to preserve it. Till now, the specimen is still there, blue in the face and nails, with a sweet looking face yet sinister smile.

Every now and then, people have reported sightings in the toilet and around the school about a yound lady holding to a baby. The school had different bomohs, priest and medium to cleanse the school, but nothing could be done to stop all these sighting.

Not only students, but even teachers had seen or heard it. A giggle, to a soft yet disturbing cry, a whisper saying ‘my baby.. my love…’, tapping on the shoulder, and the infamous baby cry in the biology lab.

Till now, nothing could stop the haunting….. Nothing could stop the love….. she’s still there… waiting for her love and revenge………….

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