University Haunted Hostel

Two student couples were chatting about love late at night at about 3:00a.m near a lake in a university campus in singapore. The girl asked the boy “Do you really love me?” Then the boy feeling shy don’t want to answer her. But she felt frustrated by her boyfriend’s behaviour got up nervously and suddenly lost balance and fell in the lake which is very deep and she cannot swim and neither can her boyfriend. The boy stood there helplessly in a state of shock watching her drown. He later called the police and ambulance to find the corpse but her body could not be found. He felt deeply terrible about himself after the tragedy.

Two days later in the hostel of hall X, he hear 4 soft knocks on his door about 3:00a.m and his hair went up when he heard the voice of her girlfriend saying “Darling are you in the room”. He was so scared he could not scream at all but jumped on his bed and trembled. Every night about 3:00a.m, he heard the 4 soft knocks on the door and the voice saying” Are you inside the room?”. As usual he jumped on his bed and hide trembling under his blanket. After a week, he decided to go to the hostel officer and asked for a change of Hall of residence.

For 2 months, he never heard anything then suddenly, he heard four soft knocks again on his door around 3:00a.m and the voice of his dead girlfriend. This time he is so scared he went to hide under the bed and to his terror, he saw two horrible white eyes covered with wet hair looking at him from the space below the door and the voice yelled ” OH IT’S YOU, OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME, DO YOU STILL LOVE ME OR NOT, OPEN I SAY!” and the thing outside the door gave huge bangs on the door like wanting to break it and then after a few minutes of hard knocks on the door by the creature, the poor boy fainted below the bed.

The creature had been knocking on each hostel door to look for his boyfriend and finally managed to find him. The creature has been moving around hostels upside down with the head on the floor and feet upwards.

They said that every night, the dead girl’s roommate saw wet footprints in her room and the bed of her dead roommate is always wet as from 3:00a.m everynight………..

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