Sarimbun Camp

This incident happen when i was in sec 3. That was around july 1996. We were the instructors for the sec 1 camp. It was a 3 day 2 nite stay at sarimbun scout camp. As i was the kitchen helper only, i had nothing much to do so i would walk around the area & enjoy the peaceful environment.

Without realising, i was getting further away from the camp. The trees seems to be closer together then the ones surrounding the campers’ hut. It was only at 4pm & the place looks darker though it was not going to rain. I broke into cold sweat & quickly left the place, returning to the safety of the camp premises.

That nite, after the campfire is over, guests return home & supper served, we the instructors gathered at the hall to chat or dance as the AVA guys spin some tracks for us. That was at 11pm. We knew there were some stray dogs around the area but what we don’t know was the number of them. They were howling away but as we were enjoying ourself, we were not distracted.

All of the sudden, the music stop. We all looked at each other. The environment have changed. All of our laughter were gone & in place were the loud howls of the dogs. Strange thing is, the sound of crickets were also gone. The wind blew hard as if it was going to rain. The howls were getting louder & we can’t stand it any longer. We don’t know what had gone into our mind but all of the guys were walking out from the hall towards the field. The howls were from the other end of the field. We stop in the middle of the field. Straining our eyes, we tried looking for the dogs with stones in hand hoping to chase it away.

The next few seconds seems too long. We froze. There, in the middle of the road at the end of the field, was a white cloth, the size of an adult. There wasn’t any clothes line or whatsoever so, how can a cloth be suspended in air?? Not wanting to know the truth, we knew roughly what it was. “SIAM…………” someone shouted & we all dash back to the hall. The NCC cadet lefthenant, being an old boy & the senior among us, order all non-ncc to gather at one hut while the ncc boys stand guard. All 22 of us squeezed into a 8-man hut. We were caught by the teacher on duty & being ticked off. We hurried back to our hut & lock ourself in.

Till now, we all still wondering if what we saw is really what we think ………………….

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