Deserted Block In My School

There was this very deserted school block in my school (undisclosed). It was rumoured to be inhabited by some ghosts, especially in the 4th floor.

My friends were actually secretly playing the ouija board in the 4th floor’s corridor. At first I saw them doing a seance, and one of them got possesed in the process where I saw a faint reddish shroud which looked like a spirit beside her, being soaked into her body during that. One of the unpossesed asked the board a question, and the possesed touched the board. The coin seem to be moving very stealthily as i watched and that actually sent alot of chills down my spine when i secretly spied them from the opposite block’s 4th floor, in front of that deserted block.

It was really creepy as I saw my possesed friend stood up and then she raised her arms up, and chanting something, resulting in her opening her eyelids and her eyes was glowing with eerie ember redness! I NEARLY freaked out, but i intended to continue spying on them. I did not expect this to happen, but the possesed flinched and then walked towards the opposite block where i was squatting down and spying! I thought she must have psychic powers and knew I was spying on them, so she must be trying to chase me away! I did not hesitate to run away. Then I muttered a silent prayer. As I was running away from the scene, abruptedly, she collapsed while walking and the reddish shroud floated from her body after she fainted!

I noticed the red shroud heading towards the grassy “forest” which is beside my school’s deserted block and then, the most creepist thing that happened: It materialized into a phyton and slithered right into the bushes.

After that, rumours began to spread round my school that a “Hong Gui”(Red Ghost) is haunting one of the block’s girls’ toilet after my unpossesed friend flushed the coin down the toilet there but, she once told me that no matter what, the coin constantly floated there, and as a result, they took the coin and threw it into the “forest” beside the deserted block. Well, if you wonder why the toilet is still haunted though the coin isn’t flushed down, 1/4 of the ghost was released into the toilet flush system, causing constant flushes to happen every half an hour, which freaked the hell out of anyone passing by the toilet which was now locked….

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