Haunted Toilet

It happened during Art Lesson…

I don’t know if it i a concidence or what… but most of the days that i had my art class.. the weather would be bad… either raining or about to rain…

There is one time during Art Class when my friend and I ask for permission to the toilet…

Jun and I took turns to go to the toilet.. as there was only 2 cubicles in the toilet.. and 1 was been locked up (for certain reasons which i don’t know) .. Jun was combing her hair facing the mirror.. When suddeny …

She shouted for me to come out of the cubicle quickly! I keep asking her to tell me why she wanted me to be out of the cubicle and she refused to tell me.

When i was out of the cubicle… She quickly pull me out of the cubicle.. Just as we were about to step out of the door~~

We found that we were rooted to the ground!!!! We could not move our legs! Jun remembered that hearing about .. if u encountered situations like this.. just create the jiggling sound of coins and you will be able to move.

Well and that was what she did.. luckily for us, she had some coins in her pocket… so she just shake her body to cause the coins to move in her skirt pocket.

After we were out, Jun then told me that she saw someone at the corner of the mirror in which she was combing her hair. That was why she kept hurrying me!

Another strange thing was that .. the toilet was at the 2nd floor.. and the Art room was just above it.. but.. the view of the sky from the 2nd floor.. was blue and clear…

However the sky view from the 3rd fllor was… yellowish (as in sunset)….

P.S: That toilet was also rumoured to be haunted and the cubicle that was locked was for.. hmm.. hehe you could have guessed it :X

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