Well, this story had happend 4-5 years ago when i was still a NCC cadet of my secondary school. It happened When i was sec 3….

Every NCC cadets has to go throught a camp yearly for their promotion. That time, i was still a private in the NCC so i had to go through this camp in order to be promoted to Coporal.

There is a very old camp located in Tech Whye. Behind the camp was a very big canal(for those who knows, u may contribute ur story). So we had to stay there for our field training and the rest of the training there for 3-4 days.

When we get there, we had to learn how to pitch our tents as we were not allow to sleep in the bunks. It was part of out training lor. Well, cos it was the 2nd time there so we straight headed to the field behind the camp for our training…

We learn all about the camoflouage, how to break our body line to blend into the green surrounding without being spot out by our trainers. Other than that, we learned how to take cover and charge and all those small and tiny things that we required to know.

Soon, it was dark and all of us were tired and hungry too cos we were forced to do push up and pull up before our dinner…Then we had to wait for the arrival of the food. So it was around 7 plus liao. Then we had our dinner at the canteen with bananas trees nearby. At the canteen, you can see the train from malaysia. Look kinda eerie at nite.

Soon, nitefall. We are allow to have an early nite. Some of my buddies and i just lie down there and chat. Plan how are we going to survive this camp. We felt asleep after a long chat. Then suddenly, i was awaken in the middle of the nite. I think around 3+ in the morning.

I was awoke and i couldn’t sleep as my body tell me that i had to do something before i could sleep. Then i just woke my buddy up and said i want to go toilet. The toiet was located next to the canal with a grass patch and a railing dividing them.

When we got out of out tent, we walked with our sleepy eyes. Then we saw an officer walking towards us. We just can’t walk staright as we were to tired and sleepy. Soon the officer was in front us.

“Where you 2 going at this time? ” asked the officer.

“Toilet, Sir!” we both answered.

“Make it fast one and go to sleep!” replied the officer.

“SIR!”, we replied and we just walked to the toilet.

After we had done our busniess, then we wash our faces. Then we started to think about the incident that just happened! Then we rushed out of the toilet to take a look. Then we walked back to our tent. We were both wondering who was that officer as we had seen all the officer during the day when we just booked in.

Then we reported this to our officer, then he just told us that there was no such thing and ask us to concentrate on our training and not other things.

After 2 years when i had promoted and in charge of a platoon of my school, i was instruct to bring them to this camp. Then i saw the officer in charge of me 2 years ago. I was surprised that he still remember me. Then i ask him about the incident. He told me that it was one of the officer who had died there accidentally 2 years before my 2nd camp there!

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