RGPS Library

One day, my friends and I were all alone at our school’s library except for the librarian. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and everyone had gone home and the PM session was taking their classes. (This incident happended in our OLD school and now we have moved away.)

Mother nature called and the librarian had to go to the toilet. She left us alone in the library together with my 2 friends and she also asked us to take care of the library but we decided to play instead.

We were chasing each other around the library shelves when we felt something or someone watching us. We then spotted a strange and funny poster of a clown staring directly at us. My friends thought it was nothing and decided to continue playing but as I was staring at the clown still, it’s eyes moved. It blinked and each time I continued to walk away the poster, I felt that it was like following me around the whole library while I was running. I gave up and decided to be naughty and vandalise the poster. The librarian came in hence we quickly ran away fearing that she would scold us. *note* Vandalism is a SERIOUS crime in our school!

The next day, at about 3pm, we decided to visit the library again to check out if the vandalised poster was there. To our surprise, it was smiling evilly at us and the drawings was gone. All 3 of us, had the fright of our life and we NEVER returned to that same place again.

Now, the poster from the library is gone and we hope that we have taught people to be careful in the library. You will never know what can happen!

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