Level 5

This story is really scary because until now, we can still remember it clearly.

It happened last year. We were in a classroom on that night as we were busily studying for our exams. We were at level 5 during that time. Our seating arrangement was such that our backs were facing the entrance door and our fronts was facing the TV which was placed on the top right hand corner of the classroom. We had already switched off the air-con as we were cold and we had been in the class for 2 and a 1/2 hours. It was 8.30p.m when the tragedy happened.

We suddenly felt a gush of wind passing us. We ignored the feeling and continued studying. Moments later, we heard someone humming a song which we could not recognize followed by the sound of dragging of chairs right behind us!! We already had goosebumps and we felt that there was a strong uninvited presence which accompanied us in the classroom. We packed our stuff hurriedly and as I, Jong, looked up accidentally at the TV scree, I saw a white figure sitting right behind my friend, Tong. I told Tong to look up at the screen and we started screaming and left the place.

We tried to open the door but to no avail. We were already panicking but when we looked at the class, there was no one around. Tong braved herself to look at the TV screen and the white figure was still there, sitting and looking back at Tong. We tried to open the door again and alas, we succeeded.

We ran to the lift lobby to get out of that place. We thought once we have reached the first level to access to the bus stop, the tragedy would end but NO!!! We were running to the bus stop when I, Jong felt that someone was tapping hard on my shoulders. I thought it was Tong but Tong was running fast in front of me. I screamed.

When we reached the bus stop, I told Tong what I felt. The both of us went home immediately and suffered a week of high fever. Luckily it doesn’t affect our studies.

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