Deyi Secondary School

Well i am an ex-deyian. My eca in my skool is military band. There are alot of rumours about our skool band room being haunted. But i never believe in it.

I have heared stories from our seniors such as this one, where there is once our student have just arrive in skool after a competition. As the percussionist reaches the skool first, they decided to give the other band members a scare. So they went up to the band room and shut all the lights and keep perfectly silently. Then, they heard someone playing the trumpet in the instrument room but the insrtument room is actually locked and only the teacher have the key. The teacher is still not there so there is no way any one could have possibly enter. What they saw next was extremely frightening. They saw someone coming out of the band room playing the trumpet. Her face covered wif blood. They scream and run out of the room and colided wif the other band members coming up the stairs.

After telling what they saw, the band conductor told them that there was one gal who was previously from the band who love music. She has never miss any of the band pratice or the band functions. One day, on her way to one of the band’s function, she met wif an accident and died on the spot. Her whole face was covered wif blood. I never believe in this untill i saw it myself.

It was during our 5 days camp and i was on duty, when me and my friend heard music coming from our band room. We decided to check it out. Halfway up the stairs, my friend reminded me of what our senior told us. They told us to ignore if we hear it. But me being a stubborn gal, insits on checking it out.

When we reach the door, i peep inside and saw absolute darkness. Then, we saw light glowing from the band room. I was gettin scared. My friend was begging me to run but i refused. In the end, she ran off while i remain there. Then, i saw it she coming out playing the trumpet. I wanted to scream but couldn’t find my voice. Then, she turn towards me wif a sad expression on her face covered wif blood before fadding away.

The next thing i know, i was in my skool hall wif faces surronding me. I got to know that as soon has my friend run off, she went to the staff room to look for my teacher to tell him. He hurrily call some of the boys and go to the building. When they arrive, i have already fainted. When i told them of what i saw, they was shocked because what they told us was not true. It is only to scare us.

So, what was the thing that i see? Till now, i am still wondering….

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