Disturbing Us

This story happens in june 2007. I heard that the school councillors in my school were having rehearsal for their investiture the next day. They stayed until very late and a frightening thing happened that night. It started with one of the boys. They said that he actually saw something and ran up to the hall where everybody were. The boy who saw it was A and he went to call his friend F for help. F had experience these things before so he was quite sure what to do. They went to the netball court to search for the thing. F and A both saw the same thing but they both have different ideas. F wanted to leave it alone but A wanted to confront it.

Suddenly, both of them was thrown by a powerful force above the railing surrounding the court. After that, F went to take cover while A continued to fight the thing. When both of them went back to the hall, they both suffered internal pains. It took about half an hour for them to revive themselves. After that, everybody went home and never talked about it again. But now, i realised that this story is still going around and more and more pupils are getting to know about it.

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