Nan Hua Secondary

This is about one a girl that have very long hair. One day, when she was doing her technical work and she was using a drilling machine. When she was using the machine, a big wind blow in the technical workshop and SUDDENLY there appears a loud noise…..the girl’s head dropped off by the drilling machine! How the head drop off? Her hair was blowing and it struck in the drilling machine and drill her hair off. All the pupils was very scare even the teacher. So the Nan Hua Secondary school were banned for having a long hair.

A few years later, the school were opening a camp in school. When at night the pupils were told that no ones can walk pass the technical workshop at night. Two guys was having their night duty. They walk and pass all the class and hall and make sure everybody was sleeping.Then one of the guy wanted to go to the technical workshop and want to pass there. So they went there without the teacher permission. When they going to pass there, the door opened but they did not noticed. Suddeny, they saw a girl without the head and the shirt were stain with blood doing her drilling work! When she turned around the guys was very scare until they ran away. They saw one teacher and told the teacher. At that moment the teacher did not believe so he when there to have a look and he also saw the ghost! This is a real story as i heard!

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