Do You Like My Head

My friend told me this incident which happens during his primary school days. He was in the Yuhua Pri Sch (current one). And do anyone of you know that the current Commonwealth Sec Sch is built on the site which was previously the old Yuhua Pri Sch? That old building was supposed to be haunted, there were rumours that one of the principal killed himself in his office and if you explore the old building, you can find trails of blood leading to the dead principal’s office. Now lets get with the story.

The incident happens more than 12 years ago when my friend was in pri 3. It was afternoon and pri sch has 2 session (Morning & Afternoon). 2 malay student was playing under this HDB flat opposite the current school and directly below the hill where the old building was. They were in the morning session so school was finished for both. This was the part where my friend and the whole school which was in the afternoon session heard screaming coming from the block. When some male teacher rush over to see what’s happening, they found the 2 girls screaming and in a state of shock. So Police was called and the place cordoned off (i do not know why police was called in). It was later found out that while they were playing and chit-chatting, they saw a man coming towards them from the direction where the hill was (foot of the hill). And when he was at a near distance, he took his head off and placed it between his arm (the way you hold a basketball) and waved at them. Now Imagine someone taking off his head off and wave at you (really give me the creeps). Later, this 2 girl were referred to IMH (Woodbridge Hospital). From what my friend knows, they are currently still in IMH.

I do not know whether this sounds creepy but i personally finds it enough to freak me out. I have also confirmed this incident with others who had studied in the school previously and they told me that it is 100% genuine.

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