Ghost At ITE Dover

Well actual this incident happened in 2000 as I was part of the Drama (CEMTA) production team for that year, for their 2nd production which will be held in Ite Dover HQ Auditorium. Being in the drama team we would have to attend rehersal some till at night.

Here is the first encounter I will share with you :

I am a little sensitive when it comes to that such things ( hmm..u know what i meant ). Ok not to waste time, it happen at the auditorium control room when we were doing a reherse at night and at that time I was in-charge of the lighting and suddenly the light just flicker by itself as if someone was playing with it, my friend beside me and I was stunned at had just happened.

That’s not all the second part was when we were in the Floor Studio, the room was dark as the cast was rehersing with their lantern and I was alone sitting on one of the siverl chair while my friend went to the toilet. I was watching the cast rehersing when suddenly I felt cold and out of no where a cold ‘thing’ brushed against my neck I was startled and almost jumped of my chair. I was trying not to scare the cast so I silently got and help with the cast to prepare their lantern. I was not the only one that encounter such thing as one of my friend told me that earlier on, when he went to open up the room as all of us have not arrived, he saw one of the light on the ceiling moved by itself.

And my last freaking encounter was during one of our late reherse at the auditorium and the walkway along the corridor and the Function room was dark. As most of them was inside, my friend Alin and I went out first and just as she said,”Eh..gelapnya Rian.” (It’s dark Rian) I saw a white headless figure. I can’t help it but to stare at it and ran back into the auditorium breathing heavily and I was trembling and felt cold. My friend ran in too stunned and scare. I thought it was enough of what I saw inside but as we were walking out of the HQ along the shelter, just we were about to pass by the flight of stairs which will lead to the near by housing estate, I saw this black figure of a tall man running down the stairs and vanished into the thin air. It really freaked me and told my friend.

So it kind of gives me the creep when I read about one of the new cast from the drama encoutering that eriee incident…

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