School Toilet

This incident happened when i was primary three. Since the day i enter into my Primary School, there were many rumors about the school being haunted. The school is now under constr

ng history. I supposed the reasons why there had been so many ghost stories was because it was built over a cemetry. Anyway, my story goes like this…

My class had just finish our PE lesson and most of us girls went to the toilet to change back to our uniforms. Often, we would hang our PE T-shirt at the “board” separting cubicle from cubicle. Sometime, we would play around by taking our friends’ PE T-shirt away, but of-course we do return… who would want smelly T-shirt?! So that day as usual we went to the toilet to changed. After i had finish changing, i was about to go out, I saw two black things flying above me and out of the toilet, both seem to be holding something white. As i was young, i did not take any notice on it. Me went back to class and after i just settle down, one of my classmate came and said she lost her PE shirt, she asked if anyone took her, but no one took it… somehow i believe that it was the two black thing that took it.

Here another story… it happened at the same level’s toilet. My friend was accompanying her friend to the toilet, as usual, her friend was in the cubicle and she was washing and combing her hair outside (basin area). Before they came in a girl just went out, using the 4th basin. My friend was washing her hand at the 2nd basin when she saw water coming out of the 4th basin’s tap…… however the strangest of all is that the taps are those that you needed to press. She saw that something was exerting pressure on the tap but she saw no one. She panic and shouted for her friend to come out quickly, her friend was puzzled. She came out as fast as she could, sensing my friend uneasy tone. My friend grabbed her friend’s hand and dashed out of the toilet. Outside, she told her friend about it breifly & her friend then told her that just when they were dashing out, she saw a black object standing at the basin from the corner of her eyes.

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