Riverside Secondary

I and my frend(i won’t tell her name), we are best friends actually. Coming to the point, we don’t belive in superstitions at all. Our grand parents usually tells us about spirts which are around in the mid afternoon. We did believe as we thought spirts do not exist in the broad daylight. It was said that the timing lasted from 12 till 2.30 to 3.30+. Tell me can you beleive that on the spot? No way man! It was this very fine day, 2000(we were in sec 1), i and my friend would ‘chabot’ maths class even if the teacher was in class. Our teacher would look at the board more then lookin at the class. The time was sharp 12.30 when we reached the toilet.

My friend went to do her natures call while i was combing my hair infront of the mirror. When she came out, she started to comb her hair. All of a sudden, we heared foot steps. My friend kinda got scared. Sort of only lah! So to calm her down, i said that there was no one as i went banging all the doors in the cuibicals. There was no one. I councelled her at once, saying that it was our imagination. Actually i heared it too.

Then when my friend was washing her hand…..there was a flushing sound. I bet you there is no automatic flush toilet system in that toilet or even my school.

We got scared, we headed for the door. Before that someone pushed me that both me and my frend fell onto the ground. We reached for the door knob but it was jammed. I and my friend took steps backwards. We saw something shadowy at the end of the toilet. Then we tried our very best to pull the door and ran out.

Man that was really terrible……..we should have listened to our grandparents. Now we know….to all i would like to tell is that don’t go alone to the toilets during mid afternoon. Go in a group…. You might not know what might be waiting for you.

This incident happened in the second storey toilet, 2000, riverside sec school located in woodlands.

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