Door Open

It happened when i was in pri 6. I was schooling in a north area school. People say that my school was haunted especially the hall. But i didn’t believe. I was kinda of a “If i dun see, i dun believe type of person” then. So i was going to my younger brother class to give him something wif my frend. So we took the short cut which had to pass thru the hall. So trying to be cool, i went to the middle of the hall and shouted “IF U R REAL APPEAR IN FRONT OF ME”. I waited for a couple of minutes but nothing happen. So i thought it was all some stupid story.

As we were heading to my brother’s class, we had to pass a couple of empty classes. As we were walking 1 of the classes door open by itself, i mean really wide open as if someone push it open. I scream while my friend ran. After dat, i got scolded by my friend for being a smart mouth. The fan in that class was switch off and there was no wind so who do u think push the door open???? A word of advice: Never dare anything which u dun know about, trust me.

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