Si Ling Secondary

This story is about my old former school at marsiling drive and the school name Si LIng sec school, many tale about that school and most of that tale is true. My first story is about a teacher and her student that stay overnight for doing a project, there were one female teacher and ten student, on that night about 11’O clock. She(teacher) thinks that it would be a good idea to stay overnight. So she ask her student to sleep at school.

About 12’O clock, she was on the first floor while her student on forth floor doing a project. She was inside the teacher lodge tying to get some sleep. While she was resting with the light on(because she scare of the dark), suddenly the light went off and she look at the power switch, the power switch is still on( so she reset the power switch and the light are on). After 5 mins, the light went off again(so she on again) but after 5 mins is off. She was really tried(but she getting piss off for sure).

She had an idea by waiting and find out wht the light was close,(the light again close after 5 mins) she wait and it seem it almost 1’O clock but this time it is strange. A sound was heard near the switch box and it seem more creepy when she saw a dark figure or a person at the switch Box(she can heard the sound but very soft) and it sound like tool and metal sound. She rush open the light but found the person were gone. After that happen, two girls came ask her that the class need her, she ask the girls to get some sleep in here. While she was away, the girls went to sleep with the light on but when she return, the light went off. She saw the girls asleep but puzzled. There many stories to tell but there many story from woodlands.

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