This story happened to us way back when I was still twenty-two years old. I used to lived-in with my boyfriend at that time -now my hubby- in their old house at Villamor Pasay City, Philippines. Their house was just a bungalow type of house but it was big enough to have five bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a rest room. It was just the two of us because his parents started to live in Pangasinan after my father-in-law retired as a soldier.

So there was this particular day where we decided to buy some groceries since he already got his salary. We went out and did what we have to do and finally went home at around twelve PM. We were so tired from all the buying and carrying of the groceries plus the hot weather outside so when we got inside the house, I went straight to our bedroom to change my clothes. But because I was feeling so hot I thought of heading back to the living room to cool off right in front of the wall fan. As I was walking past our bedroom door, I saw a glimpse of my husband entering the bedroom beside ours.

I wasn’t thinking of anything fearsome back then but when he didn’t turn on the light I started wondering what the hell was he doing inside the other room? The door was also closed and he was not answering me as I was calling his name, and knowing my husband, he is not like that. So I finally decided to open the door and I was so surprised to see the room empty.

I walked backwards away from that room and then saw my husband walking towards me from the kitchen. I asked him “Where have you been?” and told me that he was in the bathroom taking a dump. I told him what happened and he said that there really is a doppelganger in the house. Up to now, after the whole renovation of the house, there are still some incidents like this happening in our house..

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