East Coast Park Terror

Few days ago, my friends and I went to East Coast Park for BBQ, we were having so much fun in the day, then at night, we decided to stay overnight there. We also rent a bicycle overnight for traveling around the park, then at sometime around midnight, someone decided to explore the yellow tower and the underground where there is rumors spread that these places are haunted. We then ride our bicycle and headed to yellow tower. When we reach there, one of my friend, J, ask me if i see a guy standing on the tower. I say no, then he ask other friend and all of them say no. We started to feel spooky and we decide to leave the place as the girls are going to cry.

We then headed for the underground tunnel which are not far from the tower, we parked our bicycle at the entrance of the tunnel and started to walk down the stairs, the stairs was wet and quit slippery, so we have to walk very slowly, then when we reach the bottom. One of the girls started to shout and cry, she kept pointing her finger to the end of the tunnel. When we look at the direction, we saw nothing. We then quickly get out of the tunnel and back to our BBQ pit.

Then I ask J what did he saw on the tower. He said that he saw a guy standing on the tower and staring down at us, the head of that guy was very unusual and he said he wasn’t sure if that guy had eyes or not as it was too dark to see. Then i ask the girl what did she saw at the tunnel. She said that a woman was standing at the end of the tunnel and she got a eyes of a cat and she was walking towards us.

So I had an advice for you guys, don’t ever try to explore those places at night as it might be your nightmare instead of fun…..

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