East View Sec Suicide

This incident happened more than 5 years ago, a girl had committed suicide outside the very last science lab and landed flat with the flagpole protuding from her stomach. It happened after her teacher called her stupid because of her studies. The haunting began when NPCC had their annual camp. It was around midnight, lights had been off and the only way to patrol is using the torchlight. My sir was patrolling on the level 4 where the lab is situated. As he passed the particular lab, he heard vigourous knocking on the door. A person was crying out for help. Then suddenly, he walked away and the cries stopped. He had to walked pass the lab again for a thorough patrol in case of any intruders coming in the school ground.

Then, the cries continued followed by some giggles. When he turned around, the door slammed open and a skeleton came out from the lab and started dancing around him. Suddenly the THING dissapeared. He quickly ran down the stairs but he turned around and saw a young gal laughing evilly. She had a hole right on her stomach.

This is true…..so teachers mind ur language towards STUDENTS……..

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