Lady In Red

This happen when my school is still at the old area Teck Whye. That time, there was still two session. Morning and afternoon. About 6-7 pm, something happen, one girl from the afternoon was going home at that time. She was raped, robbed and murder. The next day the school move to the new present area at Choa Chu Kang. The girl’s friends wrote on a stone of the school new address hoping her she will go back school to study. But she didn’t, she gone round the school scaring people. But she never scare her friends. When back to class, lesson starts, the chair where she previously sit move. Her friends don’t really care that much.

Whenever there’s a chatting group, the chair will ‘move’ itself to the group and her friends were scare and ask the girl to leave the class. They give the girl offerings, the girl left. But heard people say, they seen one girl in red ‘walking’ around the school near the Music Room. Now the school always light up the Music Room floor..hope the girl will leave in peace..She must follow the school to the present area now…

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