Egg-Faced Manequinn

My boyfriend likes fishing alot, even to the extent of fishing in the late nights, so one particular night he went fishing with two other friends at tanah merah. It was around 2am.

They reached a particular spot and started to fish, squatting down. While waiting, my boyfriend used his torchlight to check for any snakes behind them. Just as he was scanning the area, his torchlight shone at figure standing beside the tree, about a metre away from him. The `figure` was wearing a white long robe with short hair. The figure seems to be normal, EXCEPT that the figure had no features on it face! There`s no eyes, no nose, no mouth, just an egg faced figure! It seems to be like a manequinn standing there, except that it was actually watching them!

My boyfriend`s friend squatting next to him turned around n he too saw the same figure. He pee on the spot. They quickly ask the other guy who was unaware of the matter to leave now and they scooted off as fast as they could. They went to a temple to pray after that. But since after this incident, he never went fishing at night again.

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