Spectral Lights

The following is a recollection one year ago when my fiance took me for a cruise ride. Another hair raising encounter, though we still retained the tickets for remembrance.

2002, 13 March, we boarded the SuperStar Virgo, one of the most prestigious and large vessel around. We booked the Balcony class so as to enjoy the stupendous sunset and dawn of the sea. Our room is the @11th floor, the highest of residence. On the 12th floor would be the pool and open area where you can explore the mysteries of the horizon. We had fun… alot of fun that I wish it wouldn`t end. Fine food, wining, dance, lucky draws, magic tricks, songs, plays…

On the second night of our arrival, we didn`t sleep a wink as we want the memories to sink into my hearts and don`t want the moments to slip by so sson. Tomorrow would be our departure date. We were taking a walk on the 13th floor , the highest on the vessel. The time marks 1430hrs. There were a young couple and a family of four taking the same night stroll. The starry night make the arena romantic. From more than 300 metres away, I saw a very tiny but brightly lit substance that I thought was a shooting star. I pointed to it heartily signalling to my partner. He saw nothing.

The shooting star was racing at a very high speed towards the vessel and at a wink, it was just above me. I pointed to it as it swirled above me and made a turn behind the hood of the vessel. It disappeared into the darkness quickly just as it appear. My fiance still didn`t capture the sight. He mentioned he just saw a white light. But I saw a huge blazing source engaging a long tail of fire, almost measuring 13 feet, right on top of the vessel… Strangely, I thought I saw eyes within… shivers rang through my spine and I was quick to order my fiance out of the place. I felt very ill at ease, not knowing was it my imagination or was a sign. I lay in my room, not daring to open the door to the balcony. I watched satellite tv whole night while my fiance dozed till dawn.

What is it that I saw? I had no idea.

The next morning, 0700hrs, we found two poker cards on our balcony @12th floor. One King of spade and one queen of hearts, who would be playing cards above our balcony in the early beak of dawn and why did the cards flew in directly into our balcony, why not another`s? And apparently, the cards had dropped into our balcony. If the wind is strong, it would have blown the cards into the sea. We are @ an open sea, you know. I had checked the balcony of both sides, no cards lying around.

Whatever that is, I had never seen it again. Thanks heaven!

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