Pasir Ris Swamp

Pasir Ris swamp has always been known for strange stuffs. Mr midnight is actually my classmate and he always has the best storys.anywae,this story happened to my brother and his friends…

it was i tink brother`s friend called him..asking him whether he want to venture he got nothin to do,he decided to follow.among all the ventures,they decided to go pasir ris swamp just to check out the `fun` in there.

Upon reaching there,they took out their cigarrates and lighted it up.they also decided when talkin,dun use their real name instead usin thier nicks.and the last thing was,they planned dat if anyone see something,just sae in a clockwise style example 0800,1100 and stuffs like dat.and so they went brother told me dat inside it was so dark and cold.there were also foul smell coming out from nowhere.and so feeling tired,they decided to sit down in a circle on a bridge.all the while,they just light up cigarrates and when they talk,they just look down and didnt dare to look up and u might never know what might be behind their friend`s back.

Then somethin happened.suddenly there was somethin among the bushes came down below the brother tought it was some monkey but it was not.suddenly,from below,that “somethin” run about as it bang the bridge where my brother and his freinds were just kept banging and hitting and my brother told me at that point,there were shaking like a leaf.and den suddenly it stopped.they were relief at a point of time.but den,my brother`s eyes caught on to was behind the bushes.he actually didnt want to see what that was but his eyes were itchy enough and frighteningly,he saw,a pontianak,just the face and the hands,among the bushes.the hands were wriggling around and her mouth was mumbling something,trying to tell my brother to go brother suddenly turned scared and he stood up.suddenly he shouted to his friends to go home immediately.and one of my brother`s friend sent him home by bike.

The worst part was,after my brother`s friend sent him home,the others decided to go back to the swamp.the then decided to sit on a small shelter as they went phobia after what happened at the bridge.and so one of my brother`s friend called my brother,askin him whether he`s ok or dat point of time,at the shelter,the pontianak came back and now she really created a havoc.i was told dat it flew above the shelter and she started running on the was so loud that even my brother could hear it on the phone.suddenly the line cut off and after that my brother didnt knew what happened.but what my brother saw really made his stomach came out….

arite folks..that`s why not for a change take an adventure to pasir ris swamp??

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