Pasir Ris Beach

Few years back in 1994,my frends and i waas play snooker at a famous club house during that time and we ended our game at about 1030pm. Since none of us wanna go home so we decided to go Pasir Ris Beach.Along they way while we were in the bus,all of us was chatting and playing happily in the bus.Until when we are about to reach Pasir Ris this guy frend of mine suddenly became quiet,so we thought that he was tired so none of us disturb him and he juz sat there and staring in air.

When we reach PAsir Ris we drop off a stop earlier and walk towards the beach,so this guy frend Ah-Ping is still keepin quiet and not makin any noise,as he is a guy full of craps and likes to joke alot.At first he was walking behind us and when we reach PaSir Ris beach all of sudden he started to walk faster and faster,and the weirdest thing is that he seems to be floating forward instead of walking,and as the chinese believe that the heels of ghost dun touch the ground,so we bend down and look carefully on his leg..Indeed he was not walkin but floating,so we all got scared and we went forward to him and tryin to talk to him but he din even bother to look at us or respond us.And all of us was so afraid to do anything,so one of our frends decided to contact a frend of his who is a kind of medium.And his frend told us that avoid letting him get near he beach,so we did as he told. so we continue to follow him and try not to let him harm himself.

About 30 mins later,this medium frend came. And straight after we aknowledge this medium frend whose name is Ah Yi(one in chinese),my this possesed frend start to look scare and was trying to escape,so we gave chase and this medium frend got hold of him and pin him to the ground.As Ping was pinned to the ground,he started to cry and scream,asking Yi to let him go. So he started to communicate with the “thing”.And the “thing” disagree to leave Ping`s body and if the “thing” is leaving he will find another substitute wearing the same color clothes as Ping.And this person is ME.As the “thing” said so my frend Ping fainted,and believe that it had gone out of his body.So its my time to feel frighten,as i was sitting on the floor,i suddenly feel a kind of strange force pushin mi from behind and i shouted out for Yi and he ask mi not to be afraid or else it will be more easier for the thing to enter.So i was acting clam all the way and bout 15 mins later the strange force was totally gone,and i was so relieve that time.But soon after that,it possesed my frend again,and start to tok in a lady voice and sayin she is so lonely and wanted to find someone to accompany her.So Yi told her that all we can do is to burn offerings for her,rather than takin lifes.And it rejected,and starts to struggle and her force was so great that all of us cant really stop her.Then she started dashing towards the beach,we all gave chase and all of us total of 6 guys pinned her onto the grd.This time Yi took out a tailsman place it on his own hand and then slapped hardly onto Ping`s head and it started screaming in pain.Yi then instructed all of us to shout and scold Ping to get the thing out of the body.So we did,shouting and scolding,included some vulgarities as to scare the thing.Bout 10 mins later Ping suddenly stop struggling and it actually came out of his body.So we carry Ping to a bench nearby and trying to wake him up by calling his name.Suddenly waters started to flow out of his mouth,and he was awake after that.Then Yi came to us and said that it has gone back to the sea and suggest us to make offerings there the next day.We can actually see the thing moving into the water as bubbles are seen and resembles someone is walking into the sea.

So the next day we went for offerings and Ping was brought to the temple for prayers.Luckily he was fine after but till now u still can see that his reaction is abit slow and his face has a kind of strange look which none of us can explain.I had no reason wat makes the thing to go away as i was too scare to find out more.And this is 1 of my most scariest encounters.

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