The Existence

It’s been almost 12 years now since it happened. But the memory is still freshly etched in everyone that experienced it. There were 7 of us. Fresh from the battle wounds of the O Levels. So camping out at East Coast was part of our recuperating treatment.

And soon, it became a regular outing. Almost every weekend in December 1996. But one of those weekends changed our lives and perceptions of the paranormal forever.

It started out as usual. We came early. Set up camp near the chalet`s tennis courts at around twelve. There was a malay family camping on our right. And on our left, a couple was camping with a bunch of their friends lingering around.

Shah, his girlfriend, Herman, Yan, Wan and me. We were there to set up the tent. Everything goes on as usual. We played soccer in the nearby field. And even had fun in the water swimming and trashing about beside the water breaker which is located coincidentally beside of campsite.

Time always goes by fast when we are having a good time. So before we knew it, Shah and his girlfriend had to leave. And so did Wan. So when night time arrives, there was only Herman, Yan and me. But we were more than happy when Mail and Alham came to join us for the night later in the evening. As I remembered, Mail had just knocked off from his part time job at Metro and joined us immediately from work. By then Shah and Wan had already left.

It was a hot evening. So the last place we wanna be was in the tent. We were practically doing nothing except lazing around the premises of our camp site.

By then, the couple on our left was having a drinking session with their friends while their radio is blasting off inconsiderately.

We were just talking and joking among ourselves. Reminiscing on the rapidly vanishing memories of secondary school life. Thinking about the teachers and the pranks we pulled.

It was past midnight. The mini party on our left has died. The couple have retired into their tent drunk and zipped the door all the way up despite the atrociously hot night.

The Malay family on our right was trying hard to make their little baby stop crying. The little kid has been crying for quite sometime despite attempts to pacify him. We thought it could have been due to the heat

Yan and me was just sitting on the mat that we placed outside the entrance of the tent while looking towards the sea with our feet stretched out. Herman, Mail and Alham were playing UNO. As we were looking out to the sea, we saw a black cat walking across us along the shore. The baby from the camp on our right is still crying. Even louder then before. As if he was really trying to tell us something.

Then Yan laid back on the mat. Our tent was set up beside a tree, such that as we were lazing around on the mat, we are also sheltered under the branches of this huge tree.

By then everyone was lying on the mat facing the sky which is partially covered by the branches and leaves of the tree.

Suddenly, for no reason, a young leaf fell and drop on Yan`s face. There was no breeze, no gust of wind or whatsoever. The green leaf just dropped graciously on his face.

From what I remembered, all of a sudden, Mail instructed us to go into the tent immediately.I still remember how stubborn Alham was when we told him to go into the tent. He keeps asking questions and its frustrating to have questions asked when you just cant find a way to explain.

By then everyone was in the tent. Except Mail. Mail is special. He has this unique ability to see and communicate with “things”. And probably the reason why he told us to go into the tent was probably because of reasons which are unexplainable by logic.

By then, the situation in the tent was eerily unpleasant. Alham was asking these irritating questions. Herman was quiet and pale. Yan and me was praying hard in silent. We were just looking at Mail from inside the tent. By then Mail had positioned himself right in front of the tent`s door with his back facing us. As if he was guarding the door from something. He was sitting like a typical Bomoh. A lighted cigarette on his right hand. He seem to be in a trance as he bowed his head in silent. A low murmur emanates.

Just then, Yan broke his silence. He said he saw something on the tree when the leaf fell on him. That statement kinda shut Alham up. As if he got the answer to everything. And then another awkward silence surfaced. Coupled with the eerie murmur from Mail. By then, everyone was in fear.

Suddenly Mail got up. He went round the tent several times and then came back and resumed his initial position. And he hasn’t spoke another word to us yet ever since he told us to go into the tent.

After a few minutes, which seemed like eternity, he finally turned and faced us.

He said, the spirits, residing in the vicinity of the campsite is angry. Because it seems some of us have offended them in some ways or another.

He said, he could see a head in the sea looking at us. And another white flying figure sitting on top of the tree beside of our tent. The white figure wanted to enter our tent. But he had sealed it off with some prayers around the four corners of the campsite which kind of deter its intentions.

The emerging head in the sea is angry with us because, it seems that 3 people have urinated near its residing place. And Mail asked us personally to own up. He wants to know who among us is guilty of doing that.

I raised my hand. So did Yan. We were guilty of doing that when we were bathing in the sea earlier in the afternoon. The only one missing from the figure is Wan. Who have left earlier even before Mail arrived. He makes the 3rd person guilty of the crime.

The flying white figure perching on the tree beside our tent is angry because we have dirtied its residing place by hanging our undies to dry on the tree. Its also angry because it claimed that we have been drinking and engaging in “dirty activities” in its area. So Mail asked who among us have been guilty of some “hanky panky” business before he came. None of us admitted. Which is true. Non of us did that. Theres hardly any girl in the group to begin with for hanky panky to start in the first place.

Suddenly I realized that “it” might be referring to the couple on our left. It must have associated us with them since we are camping closely to each other.

After I told him that, Mail turn with his back facing us again. He was engaging in another trance. And after sometime, he turned back again.

He said he had managed to appease the angry spirit from the sea. He said the emerging head from the sea had disappeared. The only one left is the white flying figure. It seems to be more stubborn. And refuses to leave us alone.

Mail told us that the white figure had flown of to a coconut tree near the water breaker. And he said it had made itself visible. Mail wanted those who do not have a faint heart to peer out of the tent`s door and look at it. Initially, we were hesitant and sceptical of our hearts ability to withstand the inevitably horrifying scene that will unfold if we decide to look at it.

I have always been a skeptic. And so I took the plunge. I peered out first. Then followed Yan and the rest. And what I saw made me a believer.

On top of the coconut tree, right at the edge of its leaves, was a blurry white figure with no form. Static in its position despite the fact that the coconut tree is waving gently as the breeze is blowing. It stayed there right on the edge of the coconut leaves.

After that, I pulled myself back into the safety of the tent. And everyone sat in silent. We stayed in the tent till the sunrises. Awake all night. Till the sun rose. Thats when we were finally allowed to go out if the tent. By then we were exhausted. And sleepy. But very much relieved that we came out if it alive.

Mail told us that the feud is not over. And though we were relieved, the story didn’t end there. The thing followed Yan back home. And Mail had to stay with him for several days till the “thing” finally decided to leave him alone.

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