The Fishing Trip

It’s a good thing the incident did not happen to me, because i would most probably have wet my pants..unluckily,it happened to my dad,more than 20 yrs ago,in his bachelor days. Here it goes..

my dad n his old kampung friends had a common pastime – fishing.That day,my dad and his friends were out fishing in the open sea until the late evening. Everyone separated each in a sampan collecting their last catch of the day.My dad told me he had what we call a `contractors helmet` on,but his had a lamp attached and it was switched on becos it was already dark.My dad was at the edge of his sampan,busy unhooking all the prawns he had caught on his fishing net,one by one,turning his back to place the prawns behind him.

Suddenly he heard crunching noises behind him,like someone was munching on crackers.He happened to turn around,and the lamp on his helmet was focused to the eerie face of the pontianak!it was munching on prawns.My dad recalled its rotting face;long hair,old bloodstained white long dress.Oh my dad had a gd look at it alrite!My dad was stiff,squatting on his boat,lamp focused on the ghost,he knew he did not faint,becos if he did,he would have fallen into the water as he was at the edge of the sampan.1 of his frens spotted n called out to my dad;but it was not until he jerked my dad`s sampan with his,did my dad come to his senses..As soon as he reached shore,he tied his sampan,and ran home.That day he came down with a fever for abt 4days,his frens explained what happened to my grandmother.They did not know what my dad saw until he related the story.A few days later my dad plucked up his courage n went to pick up the prawns he caught,n beside the pile of untouched prawns,were a few that were chewed on.. When i think of it,gives me the chills too..well hope u guys were entertained..:)

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