Silver City

I wish to stay anonymous. I would like to talk about incidents that happened while we were going on a trip to Silver City in USA.

The Bathroom story.

We went to Silver City. And we did stay for two nights at the Famous Idaho Hotel. The first night we arrived it was the 12 of July 2003. My self and my husband our good friends. we all got our rooms. We got room 27, and the other couple got room 30. These rooms are located on the third floor of the Hotel. Room 27 is located at the end of the long hall and is next to the old Saloon area that is no longer in service. It has been closed due to the conditions of the building.

The room has a window. The view of the window is a hall way that has been closed off due to the adding on to the Hotel in the late 1880s. All we could see was darkness and broken beams. At this point something was not feeling so good about our romantic get away room. We ate a wonderful dinner at the Hotel and took in some late night site seeing of the town.

The moon was almost a full moon. We then went to our rooms for the night. As the night began for us I was notice a strange odor from the room. Then as my husband and I where laying in bed to sleep, I felt as if I was being watched through the window. so I got up and closed the curtain that was hanging on the window with no view.

My husband went to sleep very fast. It was from all the Fat Tire Beers that they where serving in the downstairs bar. But I was not able to sleep. I was able to hear all the Hotel guest getting up to use the shared Bathrooms that they have at each level of the old Hotel. Then it began to get quiet. I began praying, asking God to put a circle of light around our bed and asking for God to protect us. Then I began to get very scared.

The sounds of the old Hotel are very different from the sounds of home. Then as I was laying on the side of the bed closest to the window I could feel something touching my leg above the covers. Then it began poking my leg. I could not bring myself to look.

I kept my eyes closed as tight as possible, and kept my head under the sheet. Then I said “Leave me alone.” I snuggled up closer to my husband and asked him why are you trying to scare me? And ask him why he was touching my leg. He was very sleepy and said “What do you mean? I haven’t been touching your leg.”

This was so scary for me that the next night they gave me another room. I then told the owners of the Hotel what had happened to me. The owner said that they had a guest who had stayed in room 26 and they said that a man named BRUMBAH had visited them and told them that he was happy with all the restoration that was going on in the Hotel. Brumbah killed himself in the hotel in its hay day of being a mining town.

The empire room is the grand room of the Hotel it has been completely restored. And in the room you will find a guest registry for all the honeymooners and weekend guest that have stayed there. There are two accounts that the guest have wrote about, of strange encounters of the room. the Hotel has so much history of the wild days of old Idaho. It was such an experience for me and the others. It is a must, for anyone who loves history and ghosts.

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