Encounter In Australia

I believe in luck and had always believed that when you are down in your luck you will tend to see spirits. This incident happened 2 years ago, it was my last semester in the University in Australia. As usual, Friday night is a partying night for everyone over there and I am no exception. I had a drink that night in my friend’s hostel till it was 5.00am. Just before dawn break, I finally decided to go home. Apparently, it was quite a distance from the hostel to where I stayed, I would say at least 20 minutes of walk. To reach my place, I would have to pass-by the language centre; a bridge and a long route of bushes before I can see the main road that leads to my house.

As I was approaching the bridge next to the language centre I suddenly felt the presence of someone, infact “it” was so close beside me that I reckon our shoulders were inches away from rubbing. At that time, I tried to comfort myself that it was all my illusion but the presence of “it” was getting stronger. By that time, I had already passed the bridge and was walking on the small pavement that was laid between two thick bushes. It was then I decided to take a quick look at “who” it was beside me all this while. All I could see was a black figure, it was about 20cm taller than me, slim, neat hair cut and it was a “he”!

My next instinct of course was to RUN! I can bet you, it was really tough especially I am rather “bulky”. Close to the main road now, there was an Australian couple taking their dog for a morning walk, as soon as the dog saw me or rather “him” it broke free of its owner’s grip and dushed across the road heading towards my direction! Surprisingly, the dog did not stop for me but was chasing the “someone” behind me. The dog seems to be chasing and barking at something which is invisible. I stood there shock with fear until the dog owner came to me and offer their apology.

Well, I have to say big thanks to the dog actually, so there is no sorry at all, for this incident will always be a secret between me and that dog.

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