Eternal Love

This is told by one of my teacher i don know wheather it is real or not u decide.

There is a well-known businessman in Saudi Arabia. One time there is a huge economic downfall worldwide, in order to pay the shop’s rent Al-hafiz(the businessman) decided to open the shop till 4am.

One day, about 2am a beautiful lady wearing a long white gown with long hair appeared at Al-hafiz shop. Al-hafiz ask her what she wants. She said nothing but pointed at a carton of milk. Al-hafiz gave her the new carton of milk and she paid up.

The next day, the same lady appeared at the stall again. She ask for the same thing again which is the carton of milk and she paid up. Before Al-hafiz close the shop he has to count the money. He opened the cash register and to his suprise his money is full of dead leaves. He tried to remember and the lady always give $10. He check the counter and mostly the leaves are at the $10 section.

Al-hafiz told the village chief and he gather all the men to try follow the lady. The third day the lady appeared again. Right after she leave with the carton of milk the villagers follow the lady. They follow her until to the local cementery. There she dissapeared to a grave. The villagers dug up the grave and shockingly they found a baby much alive. They took the baby to the hospital. They found out that the lady was killed in an accident while she was 8 months pregant.

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