Facts From Tekong

I spent my BMT on P.Tekong from Oct – Dec 1994, at Camp 1 of then 2BTS (2nd Basic Training School). As the number suggested, Camp 1 was the first ‘camp’, a number of longhouses surrounding a parade square that housed Apache Company to Eagle Company, along the ‘Tekong Highway’ (the only road on the island, the rest are mudtracks), followed by Camp 3, a concrete buildings that housed Falcon(?)Company to Jaguar Campany(aka ‘white horse’ company). Camp 2 was way further down the highway and was not part of the school. My then unit is Apache Company, Platoon 4, and my bunk was beside that (censored) noisy Specialists’ Mess.

My spookiest encounter at Tekong was decribed in the story ‘A possession incident’, while the rest of the encounters are mild when compared to those I encountered at other camps. That’s right, Tekong is overly-hyped haunted. Many famous spooky tales are originated from Tekong, and (un)fortunately I have either first-hand experiences or know someone who has. I’ll touch on what I feel the most bizarre tale of all, the rest I’ll continue in other parts.

Charlie 3rd door – Legend : there are many versions to this story, but it always start from a guy that was supposed to be sick and excused from exercise/long march, but he joined in anyway. After the exercise/long march, the guy disappeared, and when they found him, he was lying/kneeling with his body parts/organs placed in a orderly ‘rifle parts standby’ fashion in front of him. After they buried him, his bunk mates complained of ghostly cries and images of the guy frequently seen in the bunk. In the end they got a priest, and the priest ordered a third door to be made (each bunk has only two doors, each for end) at the centre of the bunk, exclusively for use by the spirit to move in & out of the bunk. -The End

Facts : From a MT-WO(Military Transport Warrant Officer), who happened to be one of the bunk mates of that poor guy. “It happened in the 80s when there were some kampongs on Tekong, and the camp was known as ITD (Infantry Training Depot). The (chinese) guy was sick, but he was ‘told’ to join the march. The march was along the perimeter of the island. During a break, we found the guy disappeared. Thought the guy might be sleeping at one of the previous resting points, a few of us backtracked and found him – near the hotspring (FYI- there is one hotspring at northen part of Tekong – a dense swampy area with a lot of dead frogs(?)found) with the bigger end of his ‘chang-ko'(a small spade for trench-digging) stick seemed thrusted into his chest.” “The guy was wrapped in groundsheet (a big green, polyethene sheet). Because the body had to be examined by investigating officers before removal to mainland, and they only arrived by next morning, we had to brought him back to our bunk and placed on his bed for one night. From that night onwards, we encountered occasional ghostly sounds & smells in the bunk, and his buddy had nightmares of the dead guy asking something from him. After much complains, the officers decided to bring in the resident Taoist priest to solve the situation. After performing a ritual, the priest said that the spirit of the guy was trapped in the bunk because both doors of the bunk were blocked by holy powers (FYI, for those who lived in Camp 1 bunks may noticed there were small triangular plates on top of every doors. It is said that these triangular plates were blessed by the four major religions to prevent you-know-what from entering the bunks) and cannot exit from the bunk to go to the ‘other’ world. The priest proposed a third doorway to be made at the most ‘yin'(darkest) part of the bunk, which happened to be the middle of the wall, just for the spirit to have a ‘direct’ exit to the other world.(in other words, that door supposed to be a gateway to netherworld!!) and no living men should use it. That’s how the third door came about.”

Unfortunately, the third door did not mark the end of the ghostly encounters, as hauntings still reported from at the bunk. My first-hand experience with this special bunk, which was converted into a storeroom, was during rehearsal for the pass-out parade. Four of us saw the light inside the bunk flicked on & off once (the CSM just said something wrong with electricity) before we went in the locked bunk to draw out some stores. Inside I saw the third door, which was just a wooden board with hinges at its side, no doorknob and was padlocked. Just before we left the bunk we heard someone moaned softly behind us, but no one there….

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